Monday, June 23, 2014


 The Girls Birthdays' fall at such a busy time of year and this year we were even busier than usual with ballet and horsing, we hardly had time to celebrate.
We celebrated Carly's birthday at Bonsi or as they girls call it, the fire place.  We have been going here for birthdays for about 10 years now. 
 Carly only wanted a bike for her birthday and that is exactly what she got.  We sure love this sweet girl!

 For Brianna's birthday we went to McGrath's fish house.

She was pretty excited to wear that hat.
She was very surprised and happy to get her first Phone

We were so busy around their actual birthday's that that we waited a few weeks to have their party.  My cousin is an amazing DJ so we hired him to come do a dance party for the girls. 

It doesn't look like it here. but they really were having a great time.

 Both girls have such great friends.

It was a really great party.  We had all ages there, and everyone had so much fun!

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