Monday, June 23, 2014

Easter in Zion

We decided that since we had already visited 2 Utah National Parks this year, that we should take advantage of the chance to go to another so we decided to spend Easter Weekend in Zion NP
 On the trail from the Campground there is this tree we've taken a picture at before.  Its fun to see how they've grown.
 Hiking to Emerald Pools.

 I haven't managed the hike to the top for years. it felt so good to be able to to it.

 By the Narrows.

 I really like this guy!
 We went for a ride through the tunnel and were surprised to see some big horn sheep along the way.

 Checker board mesa.

 Weeping Rock.
 This pictures looks like we are standing in front of a backdrop.
I love being able to take trips with my little family.  I think they are pretty awesome!

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