Friday, June 27, 2014

Cinderella, Cinderella

 One of the reasons our May was busier than usual was because Carly had the chance to preform in MountainWest Ballet's production of Cinderella.
 She got to be a mouse in the show. Her cousin and BFF was also in the show.They danced in three different dances, including getting to help Cinderella make her dress.  Aren't they the cutest mice ever?!
 Carly has made some fun friends in her dance class (mom has made friends too).
All the mice
 Two pretty dancers after the show.
Grandma and grandpa came to see the show.

And Aunt Jenny and Grandma Phyllis

Carly and Morgan, who danced the roll of Cinderella.  Morgan is not only a beautiful dancer, but a really awesome roll model and I'm so happy my girl has girls like her to look up too.  Morgan is going to go far.
Carly had so much fun dancing in this show and really loves to dance.  She pretty darn good at it to.

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