Sunday, January 25, 2009

Just for fun!

Brianna got invited to a 'Fancy Nancy' party Saturday and to say she was excited doesn't even come close. She was counting down the days.

She kept changing her mind as to what she should wear. After so looking in my sewing room I found some leftover fabrics and decided to make her a Fancy dress to wear. She loves it so much she even took the time to actually hang it on a hanger.

Sassy sassy!

At the party Brianna got her face painted and her hair done. She loved her butterfly so much that she cried when we washed it off that night.

When Bri got home we decided to go to a train show. We took our nephew Atticus with us.

These are Z trains. The actual train car is not bigger than one knuckle of my pinkie. They do these mountain scenes and put them in suitcases.

Atty really loves his Uncle Jon.

This was the girls favorite. A Lego train set. It was huge. This is only a very small portion of it.
We had lots of fun this weekend.


Rachel Banks said...

Only you could "whip up a dress from leftover fabric". You are so amazing. Oh, that lego train is pretty cool too!

Jill O said...

She does look pretty fancy. That face painting is awesome! Who did that? And Kade would have flipped for the Lego train one. We have been to that train show before and it is pretty cool.

Jeana Bird said...

I just learned who "Fancy Nancy" fun to have a party around the books. I love the dress.