Saturday, January 3, 2009

Christmas Recap

I thought I'd give a little run down of our Holiday so you'll know what your seeing on the slid show I did.
The Saturday before Christmas we got to visit with Santa at our family party. This is always so much fun for the girls.
A few days later we went with my sister, her husband and little boy to see Santa again. We also got to go on a hey ride and have some hot chocolate.
I got to help Brianna's class make gingerbread houses on the Tuesday before Christmas.
On Christmas Eve we celebrate with my Mom and brother and sister. My Sister-in-law helped the kids decorate cookies to leave for Santa then we opened gifts. My family is great gift givers and we really had a great time.
Christmas morning Santa left us a wii. Jon's family came over and Jon made us all Swedish Pancakes. Then we opened more presents.
We had planned to have dinner with my Dad and little brother but the weather was so bad that they couldn't make it. So we headed over to Jon's parents for dinner and a wii bowling tournament. Brianna kick all our butts.
We finally got to celebrate with my Dad and brother the day after Christmas.
On Saturday we decided to head downtown to see the lights. My Brother and his family and my Sister and her family and of course Grandma Phyllis all came along. The kids loved the train. (Trax)
We were busy but we had a great Christmas.

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Rachel Banks said...

Looks like you enjoyed your Christmas! Yahoo for success.