Monday, March 16, 2009

Decorating dilemma

We are pretty much finished with the major projects on the main floor now we just need to decorate. The problem is that we have no idea what we are doing. We like the way the fireplace wall turned out with the clock and my figurines, the bookshelves need some help but they will get there.

We finally figured out how to dress the bay window and even thought it isn't even close to our original plan, we really like how the cornus boxes turned out. Happy accidents.

We also go a new couch. I've been making pillows to add a little color and make it blend in the room a little more.
We have this huge tall (vaulted) wall behind the couch that we have no clue what to do with. we'd like to maybe put up some shelves (floating?) but I have a lot of shelves in the house. I also have a lot of pictures I want to put up. Before I had pictures all over in a million different frames and I need to figure out how to make it not look so random. I do have this great portrait of my my that my cousin Nina did that I want to put up but we just can't figure out where.
I also want to do a little spot to show off my quilts. I have this antique sewing machine from one of my great grandmothers, and two different quilts that were started by two different grandmothers and that I later finished, plus some that I have just done on my own.
So we want the room to look chic and put together, but still look like us. the problem is that Jon and I are more, cluttered and comfy than chic and put together. And we have all this stuff that we want to go in the room that doesn't all really go together. I don't really like to just put stuff up either. I like for everything I use to decorate a room to mean something to me. I'm sure it will all come together eventually, I just wish I knew how to put it all together.


Andrea said...

Holy smokes! That's a stunningly beautiful room! I LOVE the hardwood floors and slate fireplace and dark rich taupe paint color. And new leather couch, clock on the wall....on and on.
Way to go! Makes me want to eat popcorn and watch a movie snuggled up in front of that fire!

stacey said...

WOW I think it looks beautiful! You guys did a fabulous job. Maybe for your tall wall and extra pictures you could check out Rod Works. You can hang a rod on your wall and then hang your pictures from it with ribbon or fabric it makes for a dramatic effect and can be custom to your tastes. here is a link to there blog -

Jillo said...

It is looking so great! Your couch is perfect. I am like Andrea, snuggle up with a good book and a fire.
I think you should figure out how to add your quilts in there somehow. Maybe find a really great quilt pic or something and tie (get it?) it all in.
I am jealous! But you already know that. =)

Natasha said...

Hi! It seems like we are our own worst critics. You certainly made it look like someone who knows what they're doing decorated. It looks great! I love the colors, couch, everything. It feels good after all the work to have it done, doesn't it? Then, 5 minutes later you have the stress of decorating... I've totally been there! lol You did a great job though, can't wait to see what you do with the bigger wall! : )