Monday, March 9, 2009


These are my favorite candy ever. I know that they make a heart and a pumpkin and a tree for the different holidays but there is nothing like the egg. I wait all year for them to come out and then ration them after the holiday. they are my weakness. So Saturday Jon and I bought the kids a new movie to keep them entertained because we were exhausted after spending the day at my Grandma's funeral. I told Jon that I thought I deserved some chocolate after the week I had been through. SO we bought a bag of these wonderful creations. I ate 4, now to some of you this may seem like a lot but I thought I show quite a bit of restraint at not eating the entire bag. Well at 2 A.M. I woke up and threw up. I had thought that maybe the Reese's had something to do with because this has happened before when I have over indulged on the candy. But they are still my favorite, so Sunday night I only had 2. And there I was again at 2 A.M. puking my guts out. So I guess that is it for my favorite treat. Probably a good thing since Reese's PB cup are not really conducive to loving weight. But I will miss them.


stacey said...

Oh I am sorry! I also LOVE the Easter Eggs, I think it is becuase they have more peanut butter or something. It is hard to love something agian after it has come back up. I wish I would do that peanut M&M's :)

Rachel Banks said...

My heart goes out to your peanut butter loss. I can only imagine what you're going through. I absolutely love them too.