Thursday, March 5, 2009

Grandma Faye

My Grandma Faye Passed away Tuesday night. She has been in bad health for about a year now, and though we will miss her I am glad to know she is finally at peace.
Grandma had 3 kids and 12 grandchildren. The above picture was taken last Easter with just a few of her 26 great grandchildren. She loved being a grandma and was so proud of all of her kids. My Grandma loved to talk and would talk your ear off, one of the many qualities I inherited from her. I was grateful to have lived with her for a year before I got married and I got to hear so many great stories. She is a great example to me and we will miss her greatly.

Grandma and Carly

My favorite picture of Grandma and Brianna.

We love you Grandma Faye!


stacey said...

she looks like a sweet grandma, I am sorry for your lose. My grandma paseed away a couple of years ago, I feel bad my kids did not have a chance to get to know her better. I love the pictures of her with your girls.

Rachel Banks said...

That is so hard. I'm sorry for your loss! Thinking of you, Rachel