Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Horse Crazy

I honestly don't know where it comes from, but my little Biranna is as horse crazy as they get. Sometimes I think she got sent to the wrong family and she should really be living on a farm somewhere. She has been taking riding lessons since last summer. We took a break when it was really cold, but she is back at it and loving every second.

She takes her lessons at The Stable Place http:// I really love her teacher Jayme, and even though I'm extremely uncomfortable around them, I'm even coming to love the horses.
Part of Bri's lesson each week is to help groom the horse. She is even learning how to pick out hooves.

Most of the horses at The Stable Place have been rescued and I love knowing that we are helping make the lives of these horses a little bit better.

This is Bri on Buck trotting.

Brianna and her teacher Jayme.


Rachel Banks said...

That is so neat! Good for her!

Jeana Bird said...

That is so cool!