Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Lots of pictures from Zion

Jon's family has spent Easter in Zion National Park for the last 25 years. We haven't been able to go every year but we decided to go this year.

We Started off the week with a trip into St. George to visit Jon's little brother Jared. We were only able to spend a short time with him, but it was to great to see him.

When we got back we just explored the campground a bit.
We started the next day with a trip to Weeping Rock.

I love my Carly.

These girls love their Papa.

Next we headed up to Emerald Pools.

The girls really had fun climbing all over the place.

The middle pools.

My little models.

Brianna was obsessed with catching a lizard. She even made a little lizard habitat out of a strawberry carton so he would have some place to live. Sadly (or luckily depending on who you talk to) this was as close as we got to capturing a lizard.

Checkerboard Mesa.

Grandma and Grandpa and their girls.

Jon's favorite way to take a picture.

Even though we were camping we still had to dye eggs.

That smile is very deceiving.

For the most part the weather was perfect, not to cold not to hot. Saturday it did rain but the good thing about the rain is that it makes for some beautiful pictures.

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