Sunday, April 19, 2009


Tulips are my very favorite flower. I wish they were around a little longer than just the spring. So Saturday we went with Grandpa Gary and Uncle Rob to the tulip festival.

They are such sweet girls. I wish they would act like this all the time.

Since we were camping Easter Sunday My girls wore their dresses to church this Sunday.
I have an embroidery machine and have had the idea for this dress for several years and finally decided to make them. There is a third dress in yellow for my niece Zoe.

Easter dresses are a big deal for me. I remember my Mom making my sister and I matching dresses every year. My mom is a fabulous seamstress and I will never be as good as her. I still have a few of the matching dresses she made for my sister and I. I'm so glad that I have these sweet little girls to sew for. I hope they remember their dresses and know how much fun I have making things for them.


Jillo said...

Those turned out really cute. I love the embroidery on the bottom. You know I am a sucker for embroidered flowers! I like the eyelet sleeves.

stacey said...

dido on the tulips. I wish all the spring bulbs lasted a little longer they are such a nice change from snow covered lawns.

Your dresses turned out darling - you are very talented and what a sweet aunt to make on for your niece.

Rachel Banks said...

L-O-V-E it! What pretty girls you have.

Andrea said...

I LOVE those ADORABLE dresses! Even before I saw that YOU made them, I was thinking "Those dresses are so dang cute!" Now I'm REALLY impressed!
Here's to spring and tulips and easter dresses!