Friday, April 10, 2009


I sit here writing this post from a lawn chair sitting in the middle of Zion National Park. (Wireless cards are great!) So You should all be jealous of me, right? Vacations are a lot of work! I spent the first part of the week running errands and doing laundry and trying to get all 4 of us packed. Jon was supposed to get home from work early so we could get an early start but of course didn't so we pulled into the campground around 11 at night. Luckily Jon's parents had gotten there earlier that day and so camp (I call a 40ft motor home camp) was already set up. Carly of course didn't want to sleep where we wanted to her to sleep and so she slept with Jon on a good sized bed and I slept on a couch about a foot too short for me. Today we wanted to get an early start on our hike but instead had two seperate meltdowns and had to fight Carly to wear socks, then so that she would leave her blankie in the motor home. We finally did get to our hike. We hiked to Weeping rock, only a half mile but straight up. Then we headed to Emerald pools. We managed to get to the middle pool and then headed down.When we got back to camp Jon promptly fell asleep on the floor and I took the girls down to the river where Brianna caught a frog. (she didn't want to kiss it to find out if it would turn into a prince.) So now I told Jon he owes me for the nap he got and I didn't. And to boot, I can't breath because my allergies are so bad. But honestly I really do love spending time with my girls. We didn't go on many vacations when I was little and I want my girls to get to see the things I didn't get to. Hopefully the rest of the weekend will be better. No more meltdowns and hopefully I will get so sleep a little tonight. We are headed up to the tunnel we are going to take the top off the Jeep and go for a ride. It ought to be fun. I hope you all are getting to to something fun this weekend, and that the Easter Bunny brings you something good. (even to those of you who think he is stupid)
I post plenty of pics when we get back.


Jillo said...

Sounds about right. Vacations are always so much more fun when you are home remembering how much fun you had. Hope things go great tomorrow! Tell Brianna I used to catch lizards and try and sneak them home as pets when we went to Zion. It never worked, my mom always knew.

Rachel Banks said...

Wow...what an adventure! I'm proud of the girls for hiking though. That's tough!

stacey said...

Sounds like you are having a good time. I think you need a vacations after the vacation, but you will have great memories :)