Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Walk Trot Canter Gallop

Bri has been taking riding lessons for about a year now. She is getting pretty good at handling a horse at a walk and a trot but at her last lesson her teacher decided it was time for Bri to get her horse up to a canter. Canter is faster than trotting and not quite as fast as galloping, to a mom watching, cantering seem pretty darn fast.

Brianna loved every minute of it.

She really is happiest when she is on a horse.
Remember the new baby colt? He is almost 2 months old now and he his growing like a weed.

Bri loves to visit him and all the horses.


stacey said...

That is AWESOME! I LOVE the last pictures so precious. How is your summer going?

Rachel Banks said...

How neat! Yesterday, there was the prettiest girl, Miss Rodeo Utah. It was cool.