Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Some more horse pictures

I'm sure everyone is sick of seeing pictures of Bri's riding lessons but since I got my new camera I just can't resist posting a few more.

I was talking with a man in our neighborhood who has horses and he told me that horse crazy girls are a good thing because they are so crazy about their horse that they forget about boys. I hope she forgets about boys because we are in big trouble with Miss Bri when the boys start going crazy for her. Honestly, I don't know how I got such a beautiful daughter.
This summer Bri has started taking group lessons. I really love the group lesson. I feel like she gets a lot more out of being in a group.
She just loves being on a horse. The horse she currently rides is named Taffy. She is such a sweet horse. Most all the horses at the stable she rides at are rescued. When they got Taffy last summer she was very very malnourished. The horses at the stable she was living at wouldn't let her eat and you could see every bone in her body. She is looking great now and really is such a sweet horse.

The man behind her is Mike. He is one of her teachers and is so great with all the kids. We are so lucky to have found such a great place for her to ride. My favorite part of this picture is Bri's face. You can she just how happy she is to be out there.
She now rides with out using the pommel. Right now they are working with her on being able to stear the horse with her reigns and to speed up and slow down. She can get her up to a trot and wants to get her up to a canter soon. She really is getting quite good.

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