Friday, June 26, 2009

First Bees game, Almost

We aren't really big baseball fan's, in fact we have absolutely no interest at all in baseball, but Bri and Carly's little friend Braden has been to several games and every time the plane flies around with the big banner behind it the girls beg us to take them. So when Jon was offered some tickets to a Bees game we decided to take them. The only problem is that it has been a very wet spring and tonight was no exception. We got to the game a bit late, we were also given free food so we left the girls with Jon's boss and his wife while we went to get hot dogs. By the time we got back to our seats they were already pulling the tarp over the field because of the rain.

The rain wasn't too bad to begin with so the girls happily ate their hot dogs, but the rain really started coming down after a while and just wouldn't let up. Eventually we had to take cover.

We eventually decided that it was too wet and cold to enjoy the rest of the evening so we headed for home.

And of course the sun came out and we got to see this beautiful rainbow.

So as we were waiting to catch the train I saw this cute couple trying to take their picture with the rainbow, I ran over to take their picture. They were here on vacation from Mexico. They were really cute, and when they saw the girls shivering from the cold they insisted they give them the t-shirts that they had gotten at the game. (They handed them out for free to the first people there) We felt bad that they had give us their shirt and we had nothing to give them, but they told us to think of them and Mexico the next time we saw a rainbow. They really made our night.

Here are the girls on the train ride home in their new shirts.
We promised them we'd try it again later this summer. Even thought we got rained out it was still a fun night.

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Rachel Banks said...

An adventure to remember!