Tuesday, June 9, 2009

I can't believe it's been 10 years!

Ten years ago today Jon and I became first time home owners.

The plan when we first bought our house was to only be here for a few years and to fix our house up and buy something bigger and better. Well, we have done a lot to fix up our house and some where along the way we fell in love with our little house.

I don't think the original owners would even recognize their house now. About a year after we bought it a wind storm blew the siding off the chimney at the time we didn't have the money to reside the whole house so we put rock on the chimney instead. About a year later we were able to replace the siding to a much nicer color. We've also replaced the roof and planted many trees. We have done a ton of work on the inside. When we moved into our house we called it the amazing technicolor dream house. Every single room was a different color. We had a Sunshine yellow room (carpet and all), a pink room and mint room, a rust room, a blue room, a peach room and the main floor was a lovely shade of hospital green. Slowly we have redone almost every room in the house including the Kitchen, all the bathrooms (which all were carpeted.)

The best part of our house is of course the location. It is close to everything but still on a rather quiet street. And our neighbors are the best. Any night of the week we can walk out and talk to any of our neighbors. There is always someone to borrow any egg from, help move furniture and we all just generally look out for each other and we have made some really great friends over the years. I don't know how we could ever leave our little house now and I hope we don't have to.
It truly is Home Sweet Home.


stacey said...

WOW! You have done a lot! Good for you guys. I love to hear stories of people who are happy with what they have. It seems like so many people ALWAYS want bigger and better even when what they have is the BEST. I am with you I LOVE my house and wouldn't trade it. We LOVE our area, have great friends, good school and the best ward. Really does anything else matter?

You house looks great and the pictures you have posted on the inside are beautiful. You and Jon should be very proud of yourselves :)

Rachel Banks said...

Your house is beautiful. You should have some pictures of the inside as well. Your kitchen is to die for!

Kristi said...

It seems with home ownership, the list of things to improve never ends regardless if it is a 'new' home or a fixer-upper. Good job!