Monday, October 5, 2009

Cabin '09

My brother and his wife have a cabin that we are lucky enough to get to use from time to time. We love to go up in the fall and have done it for the past several years.

One of the favorite things to do there is to rock hunt.

This time we didn't find rocks.

We found lizards.

Jon is so great with the girls.

Brianna is my little nature girl and love going up to the cabin.

Carly loves it too.

My sister and her family came up Saturday and we took a trip into Vernal to see the Dinosaurs.

The had so much fun at the Dinosaur museum

These three have so much fun together.

Like most 3 year old boys Atty loves Dinosaurs. He is showing us is best growl.

We tried to feed the kids to the dino's but they thought they were too spoiled.

We took Atty rock hunting when we got back to the cabin.

Then we snuggled down to watch a movie.

The stars are so beautiful up there.

One last hike before we left.
Thanks Uncle Jon and Aunt Misti.

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Joey said...

Hey you look great! And your trip looked like fun too. I lived in Price for many years and really want to take the kids to the Vernal and Cleveland museums. This make me motivated to do it.