Saturday, October 10, 2009


Last summer Brianna started taking horse back ridding lessons and she absolutely loves it. We decided it was time to put some of what she has been learning in to action and participate in a rodeo. This was more of a fun learning rodeo than a big competitive thing but it was very fun and Bri definitely learned a lot.

This is before it started and we are getting Taffy, her horse, ready.

Bri's teacher offered to have Carly do a little class for the under 5 year olds. Jayme lead her but she wanted Daddy to walk with her.

The gave all the kids a first place ribbon which Carly thought was fabulous.

The first event Bri did was the Walk/Trot it basically evaluates their basic horseman ship skills.

We were all a bit surprised when she won the first place ribbon is this. The instructor said that even thought she had to correct how she was holding the reigns she was the only one to do everything right.

Next she did a Barrel race.

She usually has trouble on the second barrel, but today she did awesome.

She cantered to the finish. She place 4th is this event.

She is just darn cute!

Next she did a relay race with another girl that takes lessons at the stable. She had to run a baton down to the other rider.

Then they both ran back together. She lost her helmet, but she still did really well.

Next was pole bending. For this they trot to the end of the line of poles then they have to weave in and out.

When she practices she always misses the second pole, but this time she got all of them

Then they turn around and weave back down again.

She told us before she did the poles that she was just going to walk the whole thing, but she did end up trotting most of it.

There was also a run away pony that distracted her but she was able to get Taffy back on course and not miss a pole.

And again she cantered back. I love the tongue hanging out.

Last she did the Keyhole. She had never practiced this before but the organizers really encouraged the kids to try all the events. She did really great.

In all Bri left with 5 ribbons, They make sure that every kid walks away with ribbons and they require everyone to cheer for everyone. It was such a great experience for Brianna. I'm so glad she got a chance to do this and we can't wait to do another. I'm so proud of both my girls. I'm so glad that we found Jayme and the Stable Place it is really such an amazing place.


Janey said...

This is so awesome! I wish I lived nearby and had an older child so that I could get involved. I just passed this info. to my sister-in-law who has a daughter and lives in West Valley. I think they would love something like that. Thanks for sharing!

stacey said...

That is so COOL! I love all your pictures. I am sure you and Jon are so proud of her. I really think one of the BEST things about being a parent is watching your kids do stuff like this :)

Anonymous said...

What Alison really means is that she is so glad that her MOTHER found Jayme and the Stable Place.

Andrea said...

That is totally amazing!! Wow! I'll have to show this post to Jordan! She is still riding once a week, and even though she takes it very slowly and only gets up to a trot a few times,she absolutely loves it!! Your little girl is awesome!