Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Big Jump

Last week at Bri's lesson her regular horse was feeling a bit arthritic and not up to riders so her teacher suggested she try riding one of the ponies instead.

To Bri a horse is a horse not matter how big (or little) they are so she was more than happy to ride Little Bill.

One would think that ponies are easier than full size horses but, you'd be wrong. Ponies are are notorious for being stubborn. But Bri did pretty well with Bill. She took him through some different exercises and other than having to be prodded a bit all went well.
So well in fact that her Teacher decided to have Bri jump Bill.
I'm still not sure how I agreed to the jump, but I'm glad I did because she was awesome!

When my Mom asked her how she got bill to jump she said, "You just sit up real straight, look straight ahead and hold on tight." So stinking cute. She is fearless and she amazes me.

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