Saturday, November 28, 2009


What could be good enough to wait in the cold for 45 minutes for?

An In and Out Burger, of course. Jon has been a long time fan of these delicious hamburgers. Every time we go to California he eats there pretty much every day (sometimes multiple times a day) He was very happy to hear they would be opening some near us soon. They opened about a week and a half ago and we tried to go eat there last week but decided not to brave the cold and long lines. But, today he decided he couldn't stand it any longer so we bundled up the girls and headed out. The line wasn't too bad and it only took 45 min from the time we got out of our car till the time we got our food. We took it home rather than fight for a table, which could have been pretty ugly, especially since Jack Sparrow was there. No joke, some guy was there dressed up in full on Jack Sparrow eye makeup beaded beard and all just to eat a burger.

One very happy Daddy!

Even Carly loves them.

Bri had a hard time eating hers because of a loose front tooth but still managed to polish one off.
Hopefully the lines will die down soon and it won't be such an ordeal to get one. But even with the long line in the cold it was totally worth it.


Rachel Banks said...

Yes, In and Out Burger seems to be all the hype around here. I'm not sure I quite understand.....

Cami and Dustin said...

I still need to try those burgers. Today, me and my mom saw 23 cars in the drive through at the one in Draper! They had cones set up so people knew where to go, it was crazy!

I can't believe Jack Sparrow was there. You crack me up with your explanations, I love it!