Monday, November 9, 2009

Showing my age

I remember when I was little thinking how weird grown ups were, why did they always want us to be quiet all the time and why couldn't we just listen to music on the radio and watch regular TV. Well I must be getting old because those things just don't seem so strange to me now. Here are a few ways I'm showing my age.

I recently added NPR to my presets on the radio.
I think added fiber in food is a brilliant idea.
I'm older than the heroines in my romance novels.
I watch more and more of the History & Discovery Channel.
I'm constantly telling my kids to turn it down.
When I stand up it takes about 4 steps before I'm actually standing up straight.

Okay, So I know I'm not ancient or anything but I'm defiantly well on my way to being a fuddy-duddy.

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Rachel Banks said...

I hear that :( I don't love it.