Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Gettin Crafty

I really enjoy getting and giving homemade gifts so when ever a holiday rolls around I'm always thinking what can I make. I got this idea for my kids to give for Valentines from Family Fun Magazine. Carly really had fun helping.

First you gather all your broken crayons. We usually have a ton and I keep a plastic cup around and start collecting them a few months in advance. It takes more than you would think. Make sure all the labels are peeled off and them break them into smallish pieces. Fill up the cups of a muffin tin or sucker mold. Hint: fill them to the top because when they melt they won't take up as much space.

Put in oven on low heat (around 200) for about 15 min. You don't want them to melt too fast or get to hot or the colors will blend completely and won't look as cute. When you take them out of the oven they won't look very cute, but don't worry.

When you pop them out of the molds the under side looks great. I usually use a knife to trim down the ridge on the other side and some of the excess wax.
They are really fun to color with and see what color shows up. I have also make a set where I just melted different shades of the same color and then gave a set of about 6 crayons.
I like this particular Valentine because my kids don't need any more candy and this is a fun alternative.


Rachel Banks said...

I was just showing my friend at work your blog. We both think you're incredibly talented. I told her that I needed to take "mom" classes from you. Love ya,

AllieSun said...

Thanks Rachel, I'm not sure about those mom classes though. I'm a horrible housekeeper and I yell far too much. And even though I'm crafty I usually get too ambitious and end up stressing myself out. And my kids would much rather be with daddy.

stacey said...

I love that idea! My kids would have a blast making these, thanks for the wonderful idea. I am always in the market for a fun at-home-craft :)