Thursday, October 9, 2008

Project Runway Halloween

I love Project Runway. for those who don't know what this is, it is a a reality show where they take aspiring clothing designers and give them challenges and the slowly get eliminated till the last few do a big fashion show at fashion week. I would love to do this show, thought I know I'm not that fashionable. So the next best thing for me is Halloween.

I never was a very big fan of Halloween. That is until I had kids and found out how much fun it is to dress them up. Now I start planning months in advance for their costumes and spend way more time and money than I should so they will be the cutest little characters out there.

Brianna was 6months old her first Halloween. I made her the little flower bonnet and bought the green Jammies to keep her warm. She was the cutest little flower around.

When Bri was 18 months old She had the nickname of Brianna Banana. So what else should she be for Halloween but a Banana. This costume took some figuring out but was too fun to make.

When Bri was 2 she loved Curious George. It was the one year I bought her costume.

What's the fun of 2 kids if you can't coordinate their costumes? We joked at the time at the irony of the costumes because Brianna was not an angel. And Carly was my little angel baby. Ah, how times have changed. Now Carly is my devil baby and Bri is an Angel (most of the time)

Brianna decided she wanted to be Ariel months in advance and we couldn't figure out what Carly should be for the longest time. But Ariel needs Sebastian to protect her so I made Carly the Crab.

Brianna wanted to be a Pretty witch last year, and Carly was very happy to be her kitty.

I volunteered to make Brianna's best friend's costume too. She was a Funky Witch.

So this year's challenge is to make Bell, for Brianna and Cindereda (or Cinderella) for My Carly. Since there will be at least a dozen other Little princesses running around I want my two to stand out. Besides, when else can you make an over the top princess out fit for you 3 year-old. SO stay tuned you can see the finished result in a few weeks.


Jill O said...

I love them all, but my most favorite is Brianna the flower. She is so cute in that picture. I am excited to see your princesses.

stacey said...

WOW you are good! I can't believe how much Brianna looks like you. I still remember the sunflower dress you made for my 17th birthday - you were amazing back then!

Rachel Banks said...

you have TALENT!