Monday, October 13, 2008

Hello Out There

So one of my new favorite things to so is to blog surf. I have two little games I play. One is to click on next blog at the top of the page and see how long it takes till you find someone in your area. Since Blogging is pretty popular in my neck of the woods it usually doesn't take too long. My other favorite is kind of like six degrees of separation. I start on some one's blog I do know and see who I can find. It's great and I've found a lot of friends that way. Sometimes it's a little weird to know that others are doing the same to me. I have a sitemeter, so I can sort of see who is in and out of my blog. I have a lot of visitors but I wish they would say Hi. Now, I can't say that I have been brave enough to comment on a strangers blog, but if you feel so inclined I'd be glad to know you. (I'm a chatter, I'll talk to anyone;) And if I do know you, and haven't heard form you in a while, I'd really love to catch up. So HELLO OUT THERE! I know your reading. Now just start typing!

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Daley Family said...

Hey Allison! It has been forever! It was fun for you to find me :) Your kids are so cute. I hope to see you tonight! -Angela-