Thursday, October 16, 2008

Worst time of the day

So here I sit at quarter to 5 doing the same thing I do every day. The girls are getting bored and want their Daddy, and I want their Daddy too. I'm Wondering what to make for dinner, and hoping that someone will call and invite us out, or that the Dinner Fairy will come and leave something delicious warming in the oven. Now I don't mind cooking, in fact some times I really enjoy it. I just hate trying to figure out what to make. Every time I go to my sister-in-law's house she has a little note taped to the fridge with a menu for the week and I think, I should do that. But I never do. I try to plan meals when I shop but they never sound good the nights I plan to make them. Then you throw in my picky eaters. There are about 4 different dinners I know Brianna will eat, but half of those Jon doesn't love and Carly, if given the choice, would live on Campbell's Chicken Noodle soup. I need some new stuff to throw into the mix. Any ideas on food my whole family might eat?


stacey said...

my suggestion is to do a menu a month at a time, that way when you need an idea you have at least 25 (we don't mind left-overs) different ideas to choose from it works for me and my kids have fun helping with the planning especially now because I like to make halloween dinners. I do have some yummy ideas if you need some :)

Andrea said...

Go for pancakes for dinner - that's about all my family can agree on!
(BTW Cousin Owen is Gregg's 4yr old boy - d'ya know they have 7 kids?!)

AllieSun said...

Thanks you guys. We actuall have breakfast for dinner quite often(the night before in fact) I remember having it every friday night growing up.
Stacey I would love to see you halloween dinner Ideas. YOu should do a post of some. and you actually made me remember a recipie for dinner in a pumpkin that I thout they might like so I made that last night. Minus the pumpkin.
Andrea, I did know they have 7 kids. I can't believe it.