Monday, October 27, 2008

Older = Wiser

Jon and I are constantly telling each other we must be getting old. We notice that we do things we never would have done even 5 years ago. Like listening to talk radio over music, and our sudden obsession with home improvement shows, and our interest in the stock market. One of the biggest things making me feel old is the election. I've always voted but I can't say that I was ever an informed voter. This year it seems that a light bulb has gone on and I realize that the way we vote really does affect my life. Eight years ago I probably would have gotten my political views from my favorite late night comic, or what ever the local media favored. It was basically a popularity contest. Now the thought of the younger generation of voters choosing a candidate based on who their favorite celebrity endorses scares me to death. But I was that girl not too long ago. This year I really have taken the time to find out more about what the candidates really stand for, I've watched the debates and tried to get my news from lots of different places. I even read up on the local candidates because they are the ones that really will have an effect on how we live. So I would like to think that I'm getting a little wiser in my old age.


Rachel Banks said...

That is awesome Allison...not about getting old...but being informed. If it helps you, I will always be older than you :)

Rachel Banks said...

Also, I tagged you on my blog. Sorry! You have to do it now.