Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Night wanderings of a 3 year old

Last night when Jon and I finally went up to bed I checked in on the girls like I always do. Carly's room is at the top of the stairs so I looked in on her first and she wasn't in her bed.
So I looked in the bathroom, no Carly, and then in our room, no Carly. By this point I was getting a bit freaked out. I went to look in Brianna's bed and there I found Carly laying on the floor in the middle of Brianna's room on top of several toy. I picked her up and put her back in her own bed and she never woke up. I talk in my sleep (some would say I just never stop talking) and we have some great stories about my brothers night wanderings. We've known that Carly is pron to sleep walking but it hasn't happened for a while. We use to lock her in her room when she was little because of it, now I'm wondering if we need to do it again. I usually am awake before my kids feet touch the floor but when she gets out of bed and is still asleep I don't always hear her. Hopefully this won't become a usual thing.

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