Saturday, February 7, 2009


I think my children are possessed. I'm not sure if it is going back on track or what exactly but My kids have been little demons this week. Brianna is acting like she has been brain damaged and can't remember or follow through on a single request, that is unless it involves playing or coloring. When I saw her teacher mid week she let me know that she is having a bit of an attitude problem. (my words not hers) So I spent some time in her class. But really, thoughts just go in one ear and right out the the other. I have been asking her every day this week to get her room clean and it never happened, yet she wants to go to ridding lessons. And then there is Carly. The only reason Carly has survived this long is because she is so damn cute. She has been sick this week so I have spent a good portion of the week snuggling on the couch. But when she isn't snuggling she is bossy and irritable. Last night we took them to dinner and after Carly almost kicked the table over (on purpose) for the 3 time, I took her out to the car where she screamed for the next 10 minutes till Jon could wrap things up and come out. Then we had to wrestle her in to the car seat and I had to sit on the floor in between the seats and cover the seat belt release so she wouldn't get out. Her tantrum lasted another 45 min at home as we tried to get her changed for bed.
I'm sick of being mean mommy but I feel like right now I have to lay down the law. I hope what ever bratty beings that have possessed my kids will be exercised soon.


stacey said...

Oh I am sorry! If it helps I am sure all of our kids have acted the same way at times! Good Luck :)

Rachel Banks said...

Jeez, what a bummer. I hope those demons leave soon. Can you make my demons leave my girls too?

Jill O said...

I am blaming it on the weather. I think the months of August and February should be banned. We are all tired of the same old thing and need a break like warm, sunny Spring days. Hang in there and I hope today is better. =)