Friday, February 27, 2009

The Breakfast Experiment

I mentioned in some recent posts that Brianna was having a very hard time adjusting to being back on track. Well, as I talked to my friends about it, and how frustrated I was getting with the situation, several different people mentioned that it might be her diet. It made me think hard about what I'm feeding her. She is pretty picky about food but I think I do a pretty good job at least for dinner. Breakfast is a different story. I was letting her eat Marshmallow Mateys every morning mainly because it was easy and I was too tired to do much more in the mornings. And not only was she eating this horrible cereal, she usually would pick out the marshmallows and just eat them. So 2 weeks ago I decided to start the Breakfast Experiment. I started waking up earlier and making her an actual breakfast. Ham and eggs, oatmeal, Any thing but cereal. And it worked! She is doing so much better. She is getting her work done at school and I'm getting very good reports back form her teacher. I'm still not total convinced that it is just the food that did the trick. I think I might have nagged her into submission. But for now it's working. And we are all much happier.

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Rachel Banks said...

Ummm, fellow teacher here! Breakfast makes all the difference in the world. Good job mom!