Monday, April 5, 2010


The girls got their fish Saturday and they couldn't have been happier.
As much as I don't love having fish, these smiles make it worth it.

Bri released the fish.

Watching them swim.

We ended up getting fish called Platys. The girls were sold once the lady at the store pointed out that they have a Micky Mouse shaped marking on their tails.

Carly got white fish and Bri got red fish. 2 each. Bri named her Micky and Minnie and Carly named hers Donald and Daisy.

They love to sit and watch them hide in the castle and the plants. They have even marked the calendar so they know who feeds them every day.

I have a feeling they are going to spend many many hours just like this.


JM said...

Ahhhhh, the fish. I find they ge well with the tank :). Here it to hoping they live a nice loooong life. Or until next week which ever you prefer!

Brooke said...

Yep, we love fishies too! We have 4 fantail goldfish in a tank at our house, and they simply won't die! I've found they are a lot easier to keep happy than dogs! So a thumbs up from us!