Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Years

The best part about this time of year, is spending so much time with our family. This past week we have gotten to do some fun things, the best by far was bowling.

This was the first time we've ever taken the kids bowling. We play Wii bowling all the time so it was fun to go see the kids bowl in real life.
My brother is such a cute daddy and Jack is such cute little boy.

Carly tied to bowl the right way a few times but eventually would just sit down and give the ball a good push.
Bri was actually pretty good.
Friday night we all got together for New Years. Grandma had made all the kids sweaters for Christmas but hadn't quite finished them in time so the kids got them for new years.
Then the mom's and dad's left and the kids and grandma slept over.

We did a count down early but the kids all stayed up till midnight anyway. We had a very happy new year and we hope you do to.

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Jane said...

Happy New Year Alison! I love the picture of Carly sitting down and pushing the ball-- it made me laugh. I wish I could do that when I went bowling! :-)