Sunday, January 30, 2011

Real or Fake

Last week one of my favorite bloggers decided to quit. I'm so very sad about this news as hers was one I really looked forward to reading. Seriously So Blessed, is a blog about a perfect woman living in Utah and raising her twins, she is LDS and her husband is perfect too. She was always telling stories about how wonderful her twins are, and how great her life is and how she feels bad for people who aren't as righteous and wonderful as she is. But it was all fake, but every story she told you could think of someone who really had done or said some of the things she blogged about. I'm not sure why she quit, we all keep hoping it isn't really true, but I will miss her as she was often a reality check for me.

Another blog I love to read is Soul Mama. Her blog is very real and that is why I love it. She is a Author, photographer, craft er, and mom, living in Maine. She and her family recently moved into a 200 year old farm house. The blog documents this family who are not farmers, but are trying their hand at it, as they figure things out, renovate their house, and raise their family. She is a little on the hippy-dippy side for me. She is very 'green' which is great, she makes her own bread, home schools her children, and makes or thrifts most the their clothes. I think these are all great things, but I could not keep up the life she leads. The thing I like about her blog is that you get the feeling that she does these things because this is the way she is, she doesn't think every one should be like her and she rarely comes across as preachy. You can tell she enjoys life and her children and husband, but she doesn't feel the need to gush about it and tell every one how lucky and how blessed she is every post.

There was recently an article on written by a feminist atheist, who talked about how she is addicted to reading Mormon Mommy blogs. She says she likes to read about how their lives are simple and they are all so happy. I thought it was interesting because I read so many blogs that make me think 'these people are trying way too hard to 'look' perfect'. My life is pretty good, and since I have never been much of a scrapbook er, this is a great way to document our lives, but I try hard not to come off as sounding like everyone should be just like me, or that I think I am the worlds best mother. The past few years I have tried hard to be real, I feel like I spent a lot of years trying to please every one and to have people like me and I didn't like that person. I've been trying to be 'authentic' this past year and have made some big changes. I needed to be true to myself, and I'm starting to like me better now too. I hope you will all like the real me better too.

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