Thursday, January 6, 2011


I am probably way behind the times here, but I have just made an amazing discovery. Pandora Radio. Really it is amazing. For those of you even farther behind than me, it's an internet radio station where you enter in what music or artist you like and then they play music from that person and other music similar to it. Brilliant! Since making this amazing discovery I almost (almost) look forward to doing the dishes. It's great. So far I love my Glee station, but when I get sick of show tunes and Journey, then I switch it to my James Taylor station, who knew I was such a fan of 70's classic rock.
On the subject of music. In my family we like to make each other mixed Cd's. My sister was telling me about a mix Cd's she recently got and it was so depressing. This got me thinking about what my 2010 mix would be. My taste in music runs a few years behind and tends to include tiny bopper music, as I am forced to listen to Radio Disney, but here are some songs that I have liked this year.

Hey Soul Sister, Train (I know, Please don't hate me)
Lucky, Jason Mraz, Colbie Caillat
Fire Flies, Owl City
Smiling Face, James Taylor
Losing My Religion, REM
My Life, Billy Joel
Defying Gravity, Wicked
Seasons of Love, Rent
I Could Not Ask For More, Sara Evans
Love Story, Taylor Swift (Remember I have an 8 year old daughter)

So what would your 2010 playlist be? Really? I want to know!


JonJon said...

I really love Ingrid Michaelson and Joshua Radin. You should check them out on Pandora. Ingrid also puts on a really fantastic concert. She is someone who actually sounds good live and she is also hilarious.

Jillo said...

My top song of the year is "Pork and Beans" by Weezer. Random I know, but it kinda sums things up.
"Someone Else's Life" by Joshua Radin is really good too.
Muse's "Uprising"...good when you are feeling oppressed.
Arcade Fire "Wake Up"
Raconteurs "Steady as She Goes"
Florence + The Machine "Dog Days" The did it on Glee and I actually think I like Glees' version better, but anything Florence is good for me. Her "Addicted to Love" cover is really good.
The Black Keys "Tighten Up"
The Weepies "Can't Go Back Now." I think you would really like these guys and you should check out the videos to this and "Be My Honeypie." Super cute.
"I Know What I am" by Band of Skulls (totally found these guys on Guitar Hero and I love)
And lastly "Float On" by Modest Mouse.