Sunday, December 13, 2009

All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth! (and a pony)

She is so stinkin cute, even without teeth! I love that kid.

I'm having more fun than usual decorating and thought I'd show a few pictures of our cute house.

I love our tree. It is fake and we got it our first Christmas after we got married so this is it's 14th Christmas. Somewhere along the way we wrapped the lights on it so they stay on. Every year we say that if some of the lights don't work we will get a new tree, and every year they turn on. Our tree is starting to look a bit like Charlie Brown's tree but I love it anyway. Our decorations are ones we've collected over the years and I make sure to write the year we got them somewhere on them. We usually buy new ones when we are on vacation and we always let the girls pick a new one each year. My favorite part of decorating the tree is remembering the stories that go with each ornament. We have one from my Grandma who passed away 7 years ago and it is nice to remember her every year. My favorite is the story of the star on the top of our tree. When Bri was 3 she thought the tree needed a star. When we got home from the store after getting the star, she walked in the house and said. "We're home tree! And we got you a star." Good times.

We especially love our fireplace and think it looks extra fabulous decorated for the holiday. I made our stockings. The first one I made was for Jon when I was still in high school and he was living in Tennessee. I later replaced the cuff on the stocking and embroidered our names on them. I kept the extra fabric and made one for each of the girls when they came along.

We went to Jon's company party last night. Bri took our picture before we left. I think we still make a pretty good looking couple.
I hope your all enjoying the holidays!


Rachel Banks said...

I love the fake tree! Cute picture of the two of you also.

stacey said...

Our Christmas tree is also fake; we bought it with gifts we returned from our wedding :) and I LOVE it! The picture of you and Jon is so nice you look fabulous!!!

Natasha said...

Super cute picture, you look great!!!!