Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Two little dancers

Dance recitals are always very exciting but this year we have two reasons to be exited because Carly got to dance in the recital for the first time.

Miss Brianna in all her 50's fabulousness.

My little ballerina Carly. She was so excited to wear make up and kept asking all day long if it was time to get ready yet.

Bri was so cute to help her sister out. She would practice her dance with her and tell her all about how things would work at the recital.
First up was Brianna with the Jingle Bell rock.

She is such a little performer.
Bri and her class have really improved since last spring. I was very inpressed.

I'm glad to know she has so much fun.

Next was Carly in Once There was a Snowman.
The song was so cute and the girls all knew just how cute they are.
My favorite part of the song. His arm's, are twigs.
The Flash trick step. Her favorite part of the dance.
The other thing Carly was excited for was for her daddy to give her flowers after the performance. They do two shows one right after the other, but at the break in between shows. Carly said to me "Isn't anybody going to give me flowers?" She was so excited when Daddy gave them to her after the 2nd show.

Of course sister got some too. I'm so proud of my sweet little dancers.

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stacey said...

Love the flower part, my Aubree ALWAYS wonders if she will get them (she ALWAYS does) I also have two dancers this Saturday at our recital. Aubree & Alyssa get to dance, it is SOOOO much fun!!