Sunday, November 2, 2008

Happily Ever After

Twelve years ago I believed in fairy tales. My reality at that time of my life was not ideal. My parents had just ended a 25 year marriage in a very bitter divorce that left our family in pieces. My mom was living with her parents and my dad was getting remarried. I had just graduated high school and was pretty much on my own. The bright spot was that I had met my Prince Charming and we were in love. So at the age of 19 (technically I was still 18 for one more week) I married my High school sweet heart and we started a life together. We heard the whisperings that we were too young, getting married for the wrong reasons and that it wouldn't last.

Twelve years later I still believe in Fairy tales. But my reality is better than any fairy tale. It has not always been easy. We have had our struggles along the way. We've dealt with family issues, at times we've struggled financially, we've had fertility problems and miscarriage. But through all the hard times I've always known that Jon was right beside me. to hold my hand and give me strength, or make me laugh or be my shoulder to cry on.
Our life is not spectacular, but we have a lovely home, Jon loves his job and best of all we have the two most beautiful daughters in the world. Jon is and amazing husband and father. What more could I ask for?
Even though I believed in Fairy tales, I never dreamed that Jon and I would be this happy. He Really is my best friend. There is no one else I would rather spend time with. We have both changed a lot in the last 12 years. But I love the man Jon has become more and more every day. And I have never doubted his love for me. I can't wait to see what the years bring. And good or bad I know that I will always have Jon by my side and together we can do anything.

I Love you Jon! Happy anniversary!


Jill O said...

What a sweet post! Happy anniversary you two. If anyone is a fairie tale couple, I think it is you guys. Thanks for being such good friends.

Rachel Banks said...

That made me get teary eyed! That was very touching. Thank you for sharing.

Andrea said...

I love fairy tales and happily ever afters! Happy anniversary!
You two look just as beautiful and in love as you did in your wedding pictures.

stacey said...

So sweet, I love your wedding pictures how young you were :) You and Jon always were the perfect couple. Happy Anniversary!