Wednesday, November 19, 2008

New Do

I love Carly's pretty long blond hair. But I don't love the daily screaming that we endure every time we want to brush it. I really don't know how other Moms get their daughters hair looking so smooth and parted straight, with cute little pony tails and twistys. My kids would never go for it. It is torture just to brush it. So, I give up. As much as it pains me, we decided to cut it off.

My good friend Tammy cuts our hair and when I threatened to cut it as short as Daddy's one day she said she wanted to look like Brianna's.

When Tammy asked me how to cut it Carly piped up and said she wanted it cut like her sister.

Six inches! I didn't realize her Hair was that long.

Very cute!


Jill O said...

So cute! She looks very grown up and a little bit more like Brianna.

stacey said...

she is a doll!

Rachel Banks said...

You'll like it better.

Andrea said...

I did the same thing with Jordan's hair, and I LOVE it so much better. It is way easier do - I wish I had done it a year before I did.

She looks adorable!