Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Happy Birthday Zoe!

I'm a little late with my Birthday wishes, but my sweet niece Zoe turned 3 on Sunday. She is the smartest and cutest little 3 year old. Aunt Misti did a great job with her party. She Had all the kid wear their costumes since it was so close to Halloween.

Baby Jack the Bumble Bee

Atticus the Tiger

All the kids. Brianna, Kenzie, KJ, Carly Atticus and Zoe. Jack was a sleep.

All the kids got to frost their own little cakes.

Then we opened presents.

I made Zoe some new Jammies.

She liked the princess ones best and wore them the rest of the night.

Her favorite present was a little tent that all the kids tried to get in.

Atty giving baby Jack a kiss.

Baby Jack doing what he does best. Being darn cute!
I really love my family!