Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Party

My girls are always planning a party. When this party is or what it is for has yet to be determined, but the are planning. So far Carly has a stash of bubble gum and other assorted candy left over from Halloween stored in her room for the elusive party. They are always changing the menu, but chocolate chip cookies, brownies and 'Pite' (Sprite) will be served,along with spray cheese, princess fruit snacks and peel cheese. The guest list is growing too. Carly has me write the names of all her friends of post-it's and she has them arranged going up the stairs because apparently this is where her party will take place. Brianna's party will be in her room and everyone is to wear hats. She also would like for me to arrange for a horse to be there. The biggest insult one can give in our house lately is to be uninvited to the party, tears ensue and when they finally make up they are of course re-invited.
Who knows maybe you will be invited!

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Rachel Banks said...

I will be expecting my invite in the mail shortly. I have the best hat in mind to wear. Plus, I really love "pite".