Tuesday, May 26, 2009


When I was 3 years old my family moved from California to Utah. Shortly after we moved in a little girl named Rachel came to our door and asked if there were any little girls her age she could play with.(Or so I've been told) several months later another little girl named Tiffany moved in a few houses away and the three of us have been friends ever since. I have known Rachel and Tiffany for as long as I can remember. Some of my best memories are with them. Hours spent playing Barbies, Playing house between the 3 trees in Tiffany's front yard, making cookies together, almost wrecking my mom's car at the age of 6 when we accidentally put it in neutral and it rolled down the drive way. Late nights playing kick the can or sardines. Hanging out listening to music and wondering what the lyrics "like a virgin" meant. As we got older we all ended up going to different high schools and haven't always kept in touch like we should but whenever we do find our way back into each other's lives we pick up right where we left off.

We were 16 or 17 when this was taken.

Last Summer at Liberty Park.
Tonight my 2 life long friends and I got to spend some time together. Tiffany is living in Arizona and is a wife and mom of one cute little boy. Rachel will soon be moving to California and is a wife and mother of 3 beautiful girls she is also a school teacher. It is so neat to see the different paths our lives have taken and what great women they have become. I'm so luck to have these 2 great ladies in my life. I know that no matter what we will always be Best Friends Forever.

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Andrea said...

That is so awesome that you 3 still get together whenever you can! (I am sorry I didn't call you back last week. I wasn't home all day, and ran in for about 5 minutes, got your message, tried finding Tiff's phone number, couldn't, and then I had to go set up for a church dinner, and was gone all night. I'm glad you got to see her!)
Love the picture from the teenage years!