Monday, May 11, 2009

Birthday Round-up

For Brianna's 7 th Birthday party she wanted (big surprise) A horse party.
So we asked the people at the stable she rides at if they would do a party for us.

Each of the kid got a turn to ride on a horse.

Miss Carly on Taffy.

They took a picture of each of the kids on the horse and then we painted horses and horse shoes to put on a frame for their picture.

We opened presents. (She is one spoiled girl)

And ate cupcakes. I went the easy route and did cupcakes with a little plastic horse on each.
The wind was blowing so we didn't get to blow out candles.

Yummy Cupcakes! I think everyone had a great time. If anyone else has any horse crazy kids you should think about having their party at The Stable Place. They were really great.

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stacey said...

your Brianna and my Aubree would get along great! This is the kind of party she wants for her 7th birthday. So much fun :)