Sunday, May 3, 2009

Party, Party, Party

Several years ago my Mother in law got me a book that had all kinds of fun cakes in it. Not I'm not really a cake maker but my girls have so much fun looking through the book and deciding which cake they want that I'm a sucker and make them for them.

This is supposed to be a box of crayons just in case you can't tell.
We had so much fun having all our family and friends over to celebrate Carly's birthday with us.
Carly is very spoiled.

Carly and Biranna's birthdays are just a few days apart and for the past few years we have just had one party for both of them, so this year we decided they should each have their own.
When I asked Carly what she wanted for her birthday party she said she wanted a slide and balloons. SO Carly got her slide. There was also a bounce thing on the other side. We had kids at our house all day jumping and sliding.

It started to rain later that evening but I think the kids had more fun in the rain. They were all soaked. hopefully their parents weren't too mad when they got their kids home. They really had a blast, especially Carly and I know she had a great birthday.

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Andrea said...

Awesome cake! You're so brave, and creative. I never attempt anything cute - it's all I can do to get cupcakes to work!