Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Happy Birthday my Beautiful Brianna Banana

My sweet Brianna is celebrating her 7th birthday today.

We waited so long for our sweet baby girl. It took us almost to long years to get pregnant with her and my pregnancy was pretty rough and I was on bed rest for the last 2 months of it. Brianna was born 3 weeks early but was perfectly healthy and happy. I think she was born smiling.

Everyone agreed that she was the most beautiful baby they had ever seen.

She has always been such a happy kid. This is her favorite picture of herself.

She has always been photogenic, and I still get stopped and told what a beautiful girl she is all the time.

I learn so much everyday from Brianna, She has such a great attitude about life. Everyone is a potential friend, and she has such a kind heart.

I'm amazed everyday that this beautiful, smart and kind girl is my daughter.

I've said before that Brianna is my tomboy princess. For about 2 years she would only wear dresses, yet she most of her friends were boys and she was never afraid to get dirty or play hard. She has always had a love for animals and a very inquisitive mind. She is so creative. She is always drawing or wanting to make something. And she has the kindest heart.

I'm so very proud to be her mom.
Happy Birthday my sweet girl!


Cami and Dustin said...

She really is such a beautiful girl! You better watch out for those boys. Happy birthday Brianna!!!

stacey said...

She is very beautiful, what a sweet post about her. I hope she has a wonderful day!

Brooke said...

Happy Berfday to you!!