Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Weekend Fun

Memorial day weekend was always fun when I was young. We didn't go camping or anything like that, but we always made our way down to Spanish Fork to decorate graves. This may not sound like much fun, but some how it was. This year with the recent passing of my Grandma Faye, I felt like I needed to go down there again. We recently purchased a new camera so I had a lot of fun playing around with it and got some really great pictures of my girls.
The cemetery there has always displayed a flag for each veteran buried there.

As a child we would always want to be the first to find the name with my Grandpa's name on it.

They have recently added a War Memorial with each name listed on a wall of honor.

My Grandpa Jack's flag.

Carly and her Grandpa Gary.
After visiting the cemetery we got lunch at our favorite drive in called Glade's. It has been around forever and is a very important part of the tradition. We ate at the local park and the kids had a great time playing with some of their cousins.

I love this one of Bri and her Uncle Rob.

Monday we spent the day at home getting stuff done around the yard. Carly's teacher gave her a Slip and Slid and they had a blast playing in the water.

I'm so glad we bought this camera. It is amazing the pictures you can get with a great camera. And I happen to have some beautiful things to take pictures of.

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Rachel Banks said...

Those pictures ARE amazing! What a fun Memorial Day.