Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Lunch date

Once you have kids it often gets pretty hard to get any alone time with your honey, and Jon and I aren't always very good about getting date nights in. This year, kind of by accident, we started going on a weekly lunch date. Jon works really close to our house and has always come home for lunch, which is something we all love. Carly's Preschool starts at 12:30 so this year, at least once a week, we drop Carly a school and then we go out to lunch. We don't go anywhere fancy. Our favorite place is Taco Time, but it is so nice to eat a meal with out ever having to tell anyone to sit down or beg them to just eat one bite. Sadly today is the last day of preschool so it's also our last lunch date. We'll have to find another time to sneak away.

1 comment:

Rachel Banks said...

Sad! I wish I lived closer and you could stop the girls by for a real date!